What brings you joy?

The craziness and chaos in the world around us continues to deepen, and in response many are reacting with aggression or retreating in fear: fight or flight. I am not convinced that reverting to our ingrained, automatic reactions is helpful at all. Violence begets violence; attack creates defensiveness and the inability to effectively listen; passivity… Read More »

How to deal with the craziness

It seems we are surrounded by craziness right now, everywhere we turn. It seems to be spawning a tremendous amount of drama, and I don’t think that’s helping at all. Instead: I think it’s really really important to remember that it usually has nothing at all to do with us — even though the impact… Read More »

Gifts of Negative Change

Sooner or later, life will throw you a hardball, and it can throw you into a tailspin down a negative spiral. When swamped by reactive emotions, I am reminded of the advice of an old friend: “It’s just information.” That reminds me that it’s up to me to choose my reaction to what is happening.… Read More »

change management

We breathe in; we breathe out. We watch the trees bud, bloom, fill out with greenery every spring and summer; and we watch the leaves die and fall, the trees stark and bare in the cold winter light. But we rarely stop to reflect on how our own lives need to breathe in, and breathe… Read More »

What is “service” in the librarian/archivist/info technologist world? What *should* it be?

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the purpose and potential of “service” in my field. So many think it just means “committee work”, particularly for one organization or another. While that can be very useful, committee work just for the sake of committee work is (sorry), IMHO a waste of time and energy. There is so… Read More »

rebooting my direction

Every so often, life bowls us over with surprises. For someone like me, who throws herself heart and soul into her work, this can sometimes be devastating. I’ll be rolling along making what I think is good progress, given the resources, only to be shocked to find I’m not on the right track, as defined… Read More »

Clarity in the midst of the madness

Many of us feel besieged at times by all the demands upon us. We feel duty pulls us in many directions, and so many of them are top priority: fires that must be put out NOW. We don’t know which way to turn, and the stress begins to make it difficult to think, plan, or… Read More »